Developing an website can be a stressful time in one’s life even for simplest one. Whether it is due to lack of availability of expertise personnel, close deadlines for project or high budget estimation from local service providers, a lot can go wrong when working on your project. These are keen reasons why a lot of companies and individuals choose to outsource their website development. Having an offshore team that is experiencing in developing website can take a huge weight off from your shoulders.

However, when you outsourcing your website development without taking the proper initial  steps, may result into increasing stress instead of decreasing. In order to help you avoid some common dilemmas, we have put together a list of common mistakes can come across people who outsource their website development without proper understanding of how to do it. We are optimist that after reading this article, you will not only consider choosing to outsource website development, but will also know how to do it fine.

List of common mistakes to avoid

1. Lack of proper research 

Finding the right website development services can be difficult. However, there are a few areas you can work on to make sure you find the best for your need.

  •      Portfolio:  Do they have experience in your area and have examples to show before start? Check their recent work and compare with new design trends and functionalities available in market. Also ask for their recent client reviews for their work so you can understand how service providers performed for their clients in past.
  •      Expertise:  Also try to find out,  Do the developers you are choosing to outsource website development  have the proper experience and expertise to get the job done? This is incredibly important for you to know up front, instead of  wasting money and time without getting what you are looking for.
  •      Dedication : All Website Development companies have several projects in pipelines so make sure to ask them about how your project will get attention  through out development period and also make sure to discuss  about regular progress reports on work at start.

All this research can be done before the initial starting of project, so using this research points you can be better sure for good and smooth start of  project.

2. Unclear Expectations

The next common mistake that companies/individuals  make when decide to outsource website development is not having clear expectations for work. Which become crucial reason for many complications such like budget & timeline change, dispute between client and service provider or end up with poor quality product. So for that make sure you have clear expectations before starting of project.

Do the proper doc for requirements and discuss All important points with website development company before start of work. Ask development company or freelancer for topics which is not perfectly clear to you and also make search for them so you do not end up with increased budget for project or labelled as “Bad Buyer”.

3. Impulsive Nature

Sometime website developers or companies raise some good points or ideas while discussion and provides best way to achieve requirements of  task but due to impulsive nature of some clients, they end up with higher budget, poor quality of product or out of trend product. So for good outcome of product you must willing and power to understand suggestions and ideas offered by your service provider and also be flexible with them while concentrating on actual goals.

Most of time developers have good knowledge of subject based on their experience and expertise so it is  highly advisable to go with their suggestions if possible which give more ability to developers and also good final product to clients.