Evolution is key of Life sustainability & it is also true for your business websites. Unless your business website is consistently updating with new content, functionality and design, your business will soon fall behind. Based on present condition of website you need to make a checklist for your business website redesigning. In this article we tried to put require essential points in list which needs to be reviewed while going for business website redesigning.

Business website redesigning checklist

Evaluation of Current Website:

When you are thinking to redesign your business website start with evaluation of current which help you in setting up goals and requirements for redesigning of your business website. In evaluation check your website by considering parameters like conversion ratio, targeted audience, market competitors, and present available best solutions for business website redesigning. You also need to  focus on present sections of website and their performances, this help to understand what will be structure of site and which main sections where you have to focus while redesigning of website. You need also evaluate present CMS (content management system) before redesigning website on bases of performance and requirements of future needs. That will help you to choose best available CMS for redesigning of current business website.

Setting Up Goals:

Next thing what have big impact of process of redesigning business website is setting up goals for website. This step help to decide flow of your website and basic user interface structure of website. You need  to put different priority of sections base on your main goals for setting up structure for website. You need also concentrate how your visitors will see the things and where you have to divert them to achieve more conversions. You have to also choose theme and colors based on your targeted audience which help to improve engagement of visitors.

When a crisis is at its deepest, it can offer a huge opportunity. When things fall apart, we can redesign, recast, and rebuild.
— Muhammad Yunus, Building Social Business

Follow the best practises:

While redesigning website you must follow the best practices which increase your chances to meet your goals. Here are list of some best practices while redesigning website:

  1. Make your website structure more friendly to search engines by following SEO Rules.
  2. Keep all things organized in website and easily accessible by visitors so they can find information easily which they are looking for.
  3. Use call to action boxes wisely because doing more can affect the conversions. Try to put them at more appropriate positions which help to create a better flow and help you to increase your conversions.
  4. Loading speed of page is also important thing because most of visitors do not like to wait for content and it also affect your search engine rankings.
  5. Content is king. For any website great optimized content can helpful to achieve higher conversion. So if you are not good in content writing get help from masters which help you in this.
  6. Concentrate on branding while website redesigning which help you to come up with unique image then compare to your competitors.